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Refillable Leather Stain Pen -Small

Refillable Leather Stain Pen -Small


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We have tried a lot of ways to get our edges nice, clean and not get stain all over the place while doing it. These stain pens have been a game changer for us. No more ruined projects, or stain drops on the nice veg tan leather. These have been amazing and we are excited to share them with you all. 

These clear plastic stain pens feature a 1/2" pen tip and are refillable with 30-40 ml of stain per pen. It features 2 steel balls inside for mixing the stain well and a pressable tip to allow for precision staining.

Staining edges with these pens is easy and efficient, making them perfect for leatherworking. These pens truly work like a charm for edge dying.

The top on these pens is reverse threaded to prevent the tops from coming loose while in use. So don't be fooled when trying to take off the top to add dye or stain.

For a smaller pen & tip see our other stain pen listing here.

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